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devhawk Update - 12-24-2019

With the holidays here, you have probably been asking yourself "What is devhawk up to?" and "Why is devhawk spelled with all upper or lowercase letters?" Well, the answer to the latter question is branding, of course! But more importantly, the former question is more interesting. Here is a list of devhawk activities since inception this past Summer.

  • Aaron Taylor has joined devhawk as Chief Technology Officer, bringing his experience at Air Force Research Labs (AFRL) and Intel. He is an expert in real-time streaming data architecture and Artificial Intelligence among numerous skills.

  • The Minimum Viable Product (MVP) debut of Astral, a streaming data management, and analysis platform, is imminent! Keep an eye out for our MVP announcement.

  • Multiple Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) submissions to fund devhawk research into scaling Internet of Things device capabilities with the Astral platform and to deploy reprogrammable hardware (FPGAs) as edge-based Artificial Intelligence and machine decision-making nodes.

  • Collaboration! We have been meeting with multiple companies to discuss opportunities to work together. We have heard a lot of great ideas on how we can shape our product and services to better serve the immediate needs of government and private sector organizations.

  • Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) meeting to learn about contracting opportunities advancing the state of real-time streaming data sharing. We are collaborating with a company and have submitted a proposal for this contract.

  • Massive overhaul and improvement of the devhawk website.

Things are moving fast now and we are always looking for ways to team and collaborate. Reach out if you want to get involved:

devhawk is a lean startup taking a different approach to data systems that don't require long-term licensing or unwieldy implementations. We want to improve work and society by automating data analysis while protecting personal rights, privacy, and sensitive data. We provide Data Engineering as a Service, which provides expertise and implementation of advanced data management services as a one-time project or continuing maintenance plan.

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