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  • Bobby Lansing

Mindful Monday

Mondays are so important. This is your opportunity to prepare for the week. This is your opportunity to refocus your team on what matters: producing value for your customers. By Friday, we are all usually completely exhausted from the week's events, but Monday is an opportunity. Here is an exercise:

  • Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and hold it for five seconds. During those five seconds think about everything that is causing you stress, anxiety, or a simple lack of focus. When you exhale, visualize those things (people, events, task list items) blowing away in the wind. In your mind picture, a clear blue sky and your stress is being carried away by the wind. Let your breath return to normal for a few seconds.

  • Now take a deep breath and hold it again for five seconds. During these five seconds bring into focus what will bring you fulfillment this week. What are you looking forward to? Maybe it is a graduation ceremony with family members, an upcoming vacation, a kickoff to a new project, an opportunity to motivate your team... As you release the breath, imagine those items organizing themselves in a prioritized list in front of that clear blue sky. After your breath returns to normal, open your eyes, write that list down, and put in place a plan to execute.

Every day is an opportunity to move the ball forward, but if we are so buried in minutiae, we will continue to experience that overwhelming feeling of running in place. Monday is a great day to refocus, take a deep breath, and bring into view what are the highest value items for you and your team to be working on. Does this exercise provide you value? Send feedback!

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