• Bobby Lansing

Multi-Domain Operations

Envisioning a future Air Force where integrated technical systems actually provide value and are not a hindrance for complex Multi-Domain Operations is difficult (I define MDO as synchronized effects across Air, Space, Cyber, Land, Sea). Not only because these systems, organizations, and operations are infinitely complex, but because there have been so many Billions of dollars lost in the past to failed technical upgrades. The DoD must change the approach if they seek different results.

Luckily Airmen are resilient, creative, and determined. For decades they have pushed through these technical boundaries to produce real results across the globe. We have the world's most powerful Air Force in spite of these technical failures.

On the positive side: a new chapter has been started within the DoD both on a contracting and a software development level. By developing software internally, the Air Force controls the code and the vision of a new way of operating. Through AFWERX and the Multi-Domain Operations Fusion event this week a new kind of contracting method can be further realized. Their approach is more inclusive of non-DoD contractors, bringing the best ideas from all industries in order to revolutionize the United States Air Force.

AFWERX embodies my core mission of enabling agility. By constantly pushing the limits and thinking outside the box (container) they enable Airmen and the systems they use on a daily basis to prepare for and respond to the ever-changing geopolitical environment. I will continue to post throughout the week my thoughts about where we are and where we are going. While I am not in uniformed service anymore, I still have a vested interest to see our United States Air Force succeed at home and abroad.

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